So, I’m Alex. Hi…

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so here’s a little bit of my story and what this blog will be about.

Basically, I’m a student in the UK. And like most students, I’m pretty cynical or opinionated about most things. Problem is, I usually don’t voice my stronger opinions to friends as of course they will most likely disagree and a long and usually rather repetitive debate will ensue.Which is fine, except for the fact many of my friends (also being students) are so bull-headed about their beliefs that if yours differ, you’re wrong and that’s that. Can be pretty maddening.

And of course there’s the possibility that some of your really strong opinions will be misunderstood as offensive or racist/sexist/ageist etc., and you lose friends or start fights that way. None of which I want, as I am none of those things. I thought of doing one of these ‘vlogs’ that are popular on the Youtubz these days, but I lack the humour or pretty face that most of the guys on there have. Plus I like the anonymity of written blogs, means if I say something you don’t agree with, you’re less likely to kick my ass in the street if you see me.

So basically, my intention with this blog is to have a bit of a rant about a matter of subjects, try to get my opinion across and justify why they are the way they are, and give all you guys out there a chance to read them and maybe see something from a new angle or think ‘I’m glad it isn’t just me who thinks that’.

Stay tuned, I’ll try to cover a range of subjects so you don’t get bored. Expect rants on religion, politics, TV, media, popular culture, celebrities and more. Sound controversial? You bet your ass.


As a bit of a taster; for anyone who is familiar with a British series called ‘Big Brother’ (I have no idea how many countries have their own version, so it may be different for some of you) it’s just been relaunched under their ‘Celebrity’ guise. Truth is, their idea of ‘Celebrities’ are the kind of scum who have tried achieving fame through some kind of pop culture reality series, been portrayed by the media as god’s gift and insist we know about every little thing they do, no matter how unremarkable it is, had their 15 minutes of fame too many and now should just kindly bugger off back into obscurity.

But no, instead we now have to endure the screens being taken up by however many weeks of them arguing, doing idiotic tasks, getting off with one another, and of course the fantastic early morning live shows where we all get to watch them sleep. Don’t get me wrong, although I was too young to tear my eyes away from cartoons and my Pokémon cards when the series started at the turn of the millennium, I admire the concept of it as a social experiment of locking people away for several weeks, isolated from the outside world and with no form of entertainment other than talking to each other. But then, like all other British TV in recent years, it became all about putting the most abrasive, loud and usually idiotic people together to deliberately cause conflict, and as a result we get all this pond life clogging up the TV and newspapers. If you can call most of it ‘news’ anyway. BOOM.


About alexdunmyer

Just a British graduate with a lot of things on his mind.
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