A somewhat belated return.

So, hi. Again. In fact, I’m not too sure why I’ve said again, I doubt anyone reads blogs any more without them endlessly promoting it to their friends, or it saying something either highly entertaining or thought provoking. If you have happened to stumble on this page by accident, this isn’t really any of those things. Sorry.

What it is however is me, a young recent graduate living in the UK in the early 21st century, being a cynic and either ranting or praising various things I come across. It’s something to write rather than work, and something for you to read rather than…whatever the hell you were doing before.

So anyway, I stopped writing things on here for around a year. Oops. Looking back my previous posts aren’t all too great anyway, but I’m hoping after a year of defining my career path, having new life experiences, and most importantly getting older and finding more things to complain about, this may take some shape. I haven’t anything specific to talk about, nor do I know what anyone reading this actually wants to see. So what I shall do is this. I’ll put as many of my rant-y opinions as I can think of as a few short phrases. If there are any you like the sound of and want to read/ discuss in more detail, leave a comment or something and I’ll do that. If not, it gives any passing reader a vague idea what I stand for. Not that that’s necessarily a good thing. We’ll start with the ones I’ve already covered, in case you couldn’t be arsed to scroll down the page. Here goes nothing…

– TV programmes including social experiments such as ‘Big Brother’ may have been a great idea in concept, but in actuality it all just devolved into horrifically abrasive and often idiotic members of the public arguing, dicking about, dicking each other, backstabbing and most of all; sleeping, on live television.

– Pretty much every variation of ‘talent’ show in recent years (such as X Factor, Pop Idol, and god knows what else) either has no time for unique and talented musicians who don’t sound like everything else that’s been forced into the public eye, or they work to process these once individually talented people into the same dull, dreary and diluted pop musicians, year after year. At the end of the day, it is essentially a popularity contest.

– As a complete non-smoker who’s only ever tried weed a couple of time while drunk, I have no problem with regular users provided they keep their business to themselves. Although I don’t support drug use, I think trying to track down and punish people for doing a relatively harmless substance is only going to lead to people doing it more out of a sense of ‘rebellion’, those being fined resorting to more desperate measures like crime to keep affording it, and those imprisoned contributing to prison overcrowding. I don’t think it should be legalised, just perhaps decriminalised.

– Old PS1-era strategy games were immersive, engaging and very clever, and despite pretty limited graphics were better in some senses than most games bought out in the last few years.

– Some nice ‘gentlemanly’ guys don’t get much of a chance with the opposite sex, due to a pretty crap image of men portrayed by the media, some women looking for a ‘bad boy’ image and then complaining when they get hurt by said arsehole, and the age-old ‘friend-zone’. This is of course a pretty case-by-case thing, but if you’re someone that gets your heart broken by guys who treat you like shit and usually have one particular male friend who is there to pick up the pieces (and isn’t gay), why not go out on a date with him?

And some new, more current rants:

– British footballers (and I expect some variation thereof in most developed countries) are paid far too much money for what should be a fun sport and pass time, or even as professional athletes, and considering most of them end up being involved in sex scandals, fights, and general thuggery, they don’t deserve the fame they get. Far too much money is involved with the entire system, from how much the tickets cost to how every brand with some cash to throw around will pay a bloke who can kick a ball to be in their advert. And now that it seems nothing is actually made in Britain any more for us to have some national pride about, sport is the only thing people seem to get patriotic about these days.

– No matter who a politician is, what he originally stands for, or how nice a person he is, the political system will turn pretty much anyone into a dick you love to hate (Especially in Britain). Policies are most likely bought about by government officials behind the scenes, who can hide away somewhere deciding what’s best for the country while leaving your chosen Minister/ Prime Minister/ Governor/ Senator/ President etc. to stutter their way through defending these actions and usually taking the flak for it. I admittedly don’t know the first thing about in-depth politics, but I do know the entire system is long overdue a complete overhaul.

– Technology is becoming less about actual progress, and more about making something cool for coolness-sake. Space program? Nah. New ways to make our lives greener and help us stop relying on fossil fuels? Who cares! A new way of playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen, smaller screen, or even with glasses you can wear? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY. People were happy with the mobile phones they had a decade ago, and the same goes for games consoles, TV’s and most other forms of entertainment you find yourself now replacing every few years because something’s broken or it doesn’t do enough things in your life that you used to have to walk somewhere for. Science is cool people, look at things like the 3D printer and maybe you’ll start to see what we should be sinking money into.


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Just a British graduate with a lot of things on his mind.
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