A drunken rant on religion, Atheism, and everything in between.

Yes yes I know, I haven’t posted anything in well over a year. And yes, I know that nobody will deliberately read this blog because it is so rarely used and probably quite outdated (I saw WordPress had updated their UI, understood none of it, and blundered my way to a window that I think is allowing me to write more shite without really checking).

But the point remains.

I spent this evening drinking, in celebration of managing to get a temporary job despite the fact that I spent four years at university studying for two science degrees, racked up massive amounts of debt, and yet have nothing to show for it. But that is a story for another time.

Then, after watching some Youtube videos of old children’s TV shows (me and my friends felt nostalgic), I happened across a video of famed Creationist Richard Dawkins reading some ‘fan mail’. Basically, it was Creationists and Christians using some rather ungodly language while telling him what a ‘faggot’ he was and how they all hope he burns in hell.
And it made me think.
We may have a rather Western view of ‘extremism’ these days as acts of terrorism, bombing and violence, but there are plenty of examples of hate speech, as well as the various disgusting acts of abuse and abandonment carried out by devout Christians (as an example) towards members of their friends and family who may be of a different colour, creed or sexuality. This is kind of a side note, but if you are of the disposition to get a bit angry and potentially racist at people of certain religions for their acts of brutality, be sure to look closer to home as well as the other side of the world. I guess that could be a relatively universal lesson wherever you are. Well, it’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to a lesson so you’ll have to make do.

But, my main point is that before you throw me in with Dawkins’ crowd and colour me an Atheist, please think again. I agree with many of his points as a scientist; on evolution, biology and pretty much everything else, but unlike him I don’t just discount religion as ‘wrong’ and call them all delusional fools.
(At this point, please let me point out that a lot less research has gone into this post than the others, as I have had many beers and it is 2am, so don’t take my word as gospel that anyone else has called religious folk delusional fools. They probably used more rude words.)
I would agree that things like Creationism are pure nonsense and go on nothing more than selective reading of both the Bible and some early scientific texts, but again I would call this a form of extremism. Someone who alternatively said that God created the universe ‘at the very beginning…’ (i.e. circa the big bang), and sees religion as more of a moral compass to know right from wrong and as a nice answer to the unanswerable questions in life such as “where do we go when we die”, these are the religious folk I can get on with. It may be a quite narrow view of religion, but it’s one that can be applied to many practices.

I would like to think of myself as an Agnostic. And again, my understanding of that term comes purely from what I’ve read in past identity crises while trying to classify my outlook on life, but I think ‘someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of God, while a theist believes that God does exist and an atheist does not believe that God exists’ sums it up pretty well. I personally like to see it as the willingness to accept religion and the presence of a higher power without definite proof, because there isn’t definite proof to say that that higher power doesn’t exist. I also see it as a bit of a cop-out on the subject of religion, which suits me pretty perfectly. I like people regardless of their religion, and don’t think that it should be any reason to hate them, whatever they may choose to believe, or not believe, provided it doesn’t encompass some form of extremism and they don’t try to ram it down your throat.

There you go, that was your lesson. I think. Screw it, I’m going to bed.


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